Date de publication
23 janvier 2020
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228,6 x 152,4 x 19,1 cm
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Prisoner No 73863, The Stue Story Of Philippe Combes - Innocent Emprisoned And Tortured For 2 Years In Morroco

Philippe Combes


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You like "Midnight Express", you will love this moving and heartbreaking tale.The true story of Philippe Combes imprisoned for two years in Morocco. This story does not take place in the 1970s on the other side of the world but today and only 18 kilometers from Europe. Philippe Combes is a renowned and happy businessman. There have been happy days with his partner for over two years, when they both decided to leave for Marrakech. A new life in the continuity of the daily happiness they share. Morocco is quickly becoming a welcoming land and they fall in love with it as deeply as they are with each other. For a year, they will invest themselves personally and professionally in order to make their contribution to the development of this country which is dear to them. A single meeting with three of its nationals will however rock everything. Through this story, you will discover the judicial and prison world in what is most terrible: humiliated, beaten, tortured, dehumanized, Philippe Combes will only have his strength and his dignity to stand up. You will understand how, in full knowledge of the facts, the country of Human Rights has let one of its fellow citizens languish in what is the worst prison in this world. Left to its own devices, you will discover the daily life of a man who has no other goal than to survive in order to regain his freedom.
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