Date de publication
26 juin 2023
Nombre de pages
21 x 14,8 x 1,3 cm
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The Stretton Street Affair, A Spellbinding Blend Of Mystery, Espionage, And Intrigue.

William Le Queux


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"The Stretton Street Affair" by William Le Queux - A Spellbinding Blend of Mystery, Espionage, and Intrigue. William Le Queux, renowned for his mastery of the spy genre in works like "The Invasion of 1910", spins yet another thrilling narrative in "The Stretton Street Affair". Delving into a world of secrets, mysteries, and conspiracies, Le Queux paints a gripping picture of espionage in the early 20th century. The story unfurls as an intriguing mystery revolving around a wealthy man's unexpected disappearance. As the protagonist uncovers layer upon layer of hidden truths, he is drawn into an intricate web of international espionage, political upheaval, and potential disaster. Le Queux masterfully builds suspense throughout the narrative, ensnaring readers in the thick of danger and mystery. His keen understanding of political tension and clandestine operations imbues the story with an air of authenticity, amplifying the thrilling undertones of the narrative. "The Stretton Street Affair" is a quintessential espionage thriller, filled with twists, turns, and high stakes. For fans of the spy genre and gripping mystery tales, this work is an unmissable gem in Le Queux's prolific repertoire. Keywords: William Le Queux, The Stretton Street Affair, spy genre, mystery, espionage, intrigue, disappearance, international espionage, political upheaval, suspense, thriller, spy literature, classic mystery, international intrigue, early 20th-century politics, The Invasion of 1910, suspenseful narrative, political tension, clandestine operations, classic spy novels, British author, classic English literature, disappearance mystery, international politics, espionage and intrigue.
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