Date de publication
4 juin 2020
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23,8 x 16 x 2,3 cm
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Professions In The Wine Industry (Anglais), Wine, Terroir & Sector

François Domergue


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Wine is indeed a mystery. When a bunch of grapes is transformed into wine, it becomes a sparkling and colourful object of subtle and heady desire. Wine is a living, multifaceted and complex product. The many different professions and techniques that make up the industry have been developed over the centuries, resulting in the expertise responsible for this transformation. The business of selling bottled wine has but one goal: to offer the best, original or exceptional wines. Faced with globalisation and the increasing use of social media and the Internet, the wine sector is developing terroirs and landscapes that shape a region. France is one of the countries where the wine sector still enjoys an excellent reputation and prestige. Of course, France is not the only country in the world to produce wine, but it does have a strong wine-growing tradition that spans centuries and which includes many different grape varieties, terroirs and appellations. This book provides the reader with an overview of professions in the wine industry - a veritable mosaic of pleasure and the ambitions and achievements of men and women. It is the fruit of a series of encounters and conversations had during walks through vineyards, visits to wine cellars and châteaux lounges. All the diversity and values of the wine industry, its ethical and responsible approach which is committed to upholding tradition, are gradually revealed through these many encounters. I would like to express my gratitude to Monsieur André Lurton who is now close to the “wine gods.” I had the privilege of meeting a “Winegrower”, as he liked to call himself, in the evening of his life, but at the height of his knowledge, of the philosophy of wine and of his ever-present and fierce determination to make people understand the vitality of a living product: wine.
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