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14 juillet 2022
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Qualitative Research, Voices In Management Sciences

Françoise Chevalier, L. Martin Cloutier, Nathalie Mitev

EMS Geodif

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<p>When doing a thesis for a Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA), many doctoral candidates choose qualitative research as an approach to complete their project. However, positioning a qualitative research approach in a disciplinary field, determining, choosing, implementing and contextualizing it in a judicious manner is crucial for the success of the research work and of the DBA thesis.</p><p>This book has been prepared for DBA candidates to illustrate the development of qualitative research approaches. Each chapter provides a voice regarding qualitative research as it is practiced in many management science disciplines, including strategy, management accounting and control, marketing, information systems management, finance, human resources management, organizational theory, and multidisciplinary research. Written to make the content accessible and to facilitate its appropriation by the readers, these chapters each offer a presentation of their disciplinary positioning, their methodological steps, the production of their results, and the formulation of their managerial recommendations more specifically. </p><p>This book is part of the Business Science Institute&rsquo;s DBA Fundamentals series to guide the academic work of doctoral candidates in their DBA scientific training curriculum. It is a musthave companion to the 2019 book by the same editors, Research Methods for the DBA.</p>
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