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29 juillet 2015
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Education Safeguard For Humanity

Serge Toussaint

Diffusion rosicrucienne

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Education is no longer carried out as it should be. If this is so, it is because parents have either given up in this domain or no longer possess the necessary points of reference in order to see the task through. Yet the future of humanity depends to a great extent on what children of today will make of it. It has, therefore, become a matter of urgency to (re)educate them properly, so that in adulthood they may do the same for their own children and thus work towards the emergence of a more harmonious society that is committed to the respect and well-being of all. In this opusculum, Serge Toussaint, the Grand Master of the Ancient Mystical Order Rosae Crucis, engages in a theoretical and practical study of education. Drawing from his experience acquired when teaching and an analysis of present day society, he explains point by point what, in his view, should be done to educate children properly and uplift them towards the symbolic heights of wisdom.
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