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10 octobre 2022
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21 x 14,8 x 0,6 cm
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Cooperating With Invisible Beings, Necessity And Challenges

Daniel Perret

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This book presents a collection of communications that author Daniel Perret has experienced with nature spirits and other spirit beings. They bring forward the insights, and intelligence of the different beings and show how precise and wide ranging their knowledge and wisdom is - some are recent conversations and some are already published in his previous books. In the coming times humanity can only evolve through respecting all sentient beings and cooperating with them. How can we develop a communication with the invisible realm that enables us to know who is 'on the phone'? In this helpful book Daniel presents many of his own expe-riences and tells us how he built up his communication with nature spirits and spirit beings. He shows how we can learn to ask questions and to distinguish valuable from non-valuable dialogues and partners. He sets out how we can distinguish between our projections and a real communication. The usefulness of any communication with invisible beings depends on how much we really know ourselves and speak from the depth of our heart, from our higher spiritual self? This requires a high degree of sincerity and allows us to distinguish valuable from non-valuable dialogues and partners.
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