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Date de publication
8 février 2023
Nombre de pages
22 x 15,5 x 1,8 cm
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Absurd Meaning Of Life (Without Whiskey), Dive Into Your Guts And Viscera To Find Your True Self

Philippe Gregoire

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We sink deeper and deeper into the viscera and tormented moods of this young man who lives only on dreams and adventures, and occasionally sex and romance. Unless it's the other way around... Out of generosity he gives us everything. Aren't we all the same with our imperfect human emotions? How good it is that he takes us to visit our shadow areas that we too often deny, making us incomplete beings... From isolated lands to lost lands, he gives us his intimate secrets, full of his old lives and their emotional scoriae. Thus, from roads to routs, he will find the goal of his long quest and will marry underwater for what he has finally come to seek - deep love - in the purest protocol of the Atlanteans. In short, we enjoy ourselves, we want more, and here is the rest! Keywords: Sex, adventure, reincarnation, past lives, vicious family ties, liberation, and...er...sex again. EXTRACT : Lesson of the day: how to defecate quietly, at the back of the boat. Sit down on the back railing, making sure of course that there is no one watching you, or your ego may take a hit, the position is so immodest and shocking. Pull down your underpants, securing your hands firmly to the railing. Slowly move your buttocks back to the point of no balance, and make sure there are no greedy gulls hovering behind, who, thinking what is about to fall is food, might.. .finally it is better to avoid that. Also be sure that the rogue wave will not come to affect your hazardous balance either, take a deep breath and push hard to quickly eject the materials that are stalling, or feces. As a dead poet would say: "It is good to hate our ridiculousness by cheering up our testicles". So for the toilets, it will be bare ass, defecating in free fall at the back of the boat, women as well as men. Everyone giggles with stifled, yellow, embarrassed, childish laughter...
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